Neal and Troy, father and son, have been looking for a place to co-manage together for a couple of years.  We wanted a place where we could provide food, drink, sports, pool, and games.   

We (and the rest of the family including spouse Connie and daughter Melissa) are excited about Scrumpy Jack's.  Our family has a shared interest in exercise, outdoor activities, pool league, craft beer, and single malt scotch  :-)

We were excited when we found this location.  A restaurant has been at this location for decades.  It has a nice well maintained lounge and plenty of room for a sports bar with pool tables. It has everything we want: a nice neighborhood, caring friendly staff, and the best guests in Lakewood.  We bought the business, expanded the sports bar, and re-named it Scrumpy Jack's Bar and Grill.  

Scrumpy Jack is our family's Jack Russell Terrier. The name Scrumpy Jack comes from a little pub in Ireland called The Scrumpy Jack. We loved the name so much it stuck!  We got him when he was less than a year old.  His original owner had to give him up because of his love for food! Scrumpy Jack would always be eating his sister's food. Scrumpy Jack's voracious appetite led us to name the bar after him. Now we have a bar named after a dog that was named after a bar!

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